“You must see me before you engage a woman in my church” Pastor stops engagement process (Video)

A pastor has stopped a young man from engaging a lady inside his church for reasons that the man didn’t come to meet him before doing so.

Many people have given different opinions on the situation as the pastor was highly insulted for his weird actions.

The pastor as seen in video said the man doesn’t have the right to engage the Lady because she’s his daughter and he wasn’t aware of the engagement.

With the response from the background, a lady was heard telling the guy that he must see the pastor before engaging the young girl.

Watch video below:

Pastor stopped an engagement because the man didn't meet him first.

Posted by on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

See reactions below:

“I nearly break my phone thinking that I wanted to slap the pastor, like seriously you are not aware? Like if he wants to engage the Lady he should come and inform you first? Information minister, Pastor Awareness, nonsense”

“What rubbish. These pastors are taking too much o. They are now feeling like gods. Is the rotten pastor the father of the woman that I have to take permission before I marry the lady. Or is there anything else between the pastor n the woman that warrants the pastor’s refusal to let her go.”

“The guy did a very big mistake, he must not engage her in the church and if truely he wants to marry her then he should have gone to see her parents first because engagement is not a passport to marriage….. Please people should reason with these and stop blaming the pastor okay”

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