Top 3 Best Web Hosting Providers in Nigeria

Hello guys, today I will show you the basic secretes among the web hosting providers in Nigeria and while you should choose to host with Nigerian hosts. Now, I will take less than 3minutes to assist you with making your ultimate choice. Ensure that you thank me after reading this short but factual article.

After reading this post, you shall determine whether a Nigerian Host or Foreign Host is best for your business/organization or personal blog and while.

Now, what do you understand by the term “Web Hosting”?

I definitely won’t bore you with that but, I will try to briefly explain it further to you the way I understand. Maybe you will get to learn more from me.

Take for instance you wish to open a fashion shop, you will either buy a land or rent from a local landlord. I believe every Nigerian understands this little analogy. This simply explains the concept of “Web Hosting” whereby, you either set up your own server (eg. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc… have their own), where you host your website infrastructure or you buy from other web hosting resellers like WebManager.NG.

The act of buying from other resellers is what we majorly practice now due to the high cost of setting up your own hosting infrastructure.

Now, let me show you the top 3 web hosting providers in Nigeria today

1. WhogoHost

WhogoHost is one of the Nigerian finest web hosting providers. The company is located in Plot 3A, Olumuyiwa Street, Off Oba Babington Ashaye Cresent, Omole Phase 1 100213, Ikeja.

The company provides hosting services for dedicated WordPress Sites, Python Hosting and Cloud Servers. They provide hosting services in some of the African countries like: Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.

Below is a screenshot of their Annual Hosting Plans.

Screenshot 52

2. WebManager.NG

WebManager.NG is now among the fasters growing web hosting providers in Nigeria. The company is located at Bazecity Media Limited, Road 3 Junction, Navy Town Ojo, Amuwo Odofin 102341, Lagos. They provide dedicated WordPress and Shared Hosting services with its Data Centers located in Germany and the United State.

WebManager distinguishes itself with the fact that they provide both web hosting and Website/Mobile App development for its clients. The company has grown with lots of positive reviews from happy clients. We are proud to inform you that WebManager.NG is owned and managed by Bazecity Media Limited, an IT solution provider in Nigeria.

Below is a screenshot of their Monthly Hosting Plans.

Screenshot 53

3. DomainKing

DomainKing prides itself in providing VPS, WordPress and Shared hosting. HOSTAFRICA (Pty) serves as the company’s parent company.

The web host renders its services in about 4 different African companies including Nigeria. Below is a screenshot of their Monthly Hosting Plans.

Screenshot 54

In a nutshell, I will advise you host your website on WebManager.NG as they provide both web hosting and website/mobile app development. This way, you shall be rest assured of getting a 100% support.

Now that have introduced you to the 3 most influential web hosting companies in Nigeria, what’s the next?

Nigerian Host VS Foreign Host

I will briefly differentiate between hosting your website with Nigerian providers and Hosting it with a Foreign based Host.

In as much as we believe that what the whites provide are a bit better than our locally made products and services, what if you are wrong? Now, look at this – Take for instance you purchase a brand new wrist watch with a foreign wrist watch seller, upon the arrival of the product, you discover that it’s damaged. You know the rest of the story.

Secondly, hosting your website with a foreign based company can prone you to loses. What do I mean by that, you pay in foreign currencies like USD & Pounds which can be affected by the exchange rate thereby making you pay more. Whereas, Nigerian hosts most especially the ones listed above offer payments in Naira which increases the ease of payment and service provisioning.

In summary, Nigerians are highly encouraged to use their local web host for a better approach to digital solutions.

Thank you for reading. Kindly leave your suggestions and opinions in the comment section.

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