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“We Are Not Into Some Social Media Relationship, I And My Boyfriend We Are Serious”- Nkechi Blessing Tells Fans

Nkechi Blessing Fires Back At Her Fans, Saying Her Relationship Is A Serious One.

Nkechi With Her Boyfriend
Nkechi Blessing slamming her fans said, her relationship this time is a serious one and she doesn’t do Instagram relationships.

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has replied trolls who dragged her online for deleting pictures of her boyfriend online.


Saying she does not do Instagram love is actually a lie, as she and her former boyfriend — the American based actor flaunted each other openly on Instagram. It’s the reason people quickly knew all was not well, when they stopped celebrating their love.

Anyway, she says this won’t go that way and even shaded a certain celebrity who flaunts her love on IG.

She Wrote;

“Deleting pictures means break up. We don’t even follow each other..But I sleep and wake up in his Arms”

“I don’t do Instagram relationship, this one no be child’s play… so I don’t need to follow him on Instagram or even like his pictures, I show him love off the gram… It’s my relationship, not our relationship… the earlier you jobless monitoring spirit realizes that, the better… Go to the oda celebrity page and enjoy the couple goals you seek… this one is real-life Goals and not for entertainment #GROWN!!”
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