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Watch man brutally beats an old woman just to steal her purse

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It’s getting worrisome as many people have lost their sense of humour, responsibility and respect all in the name of getting money quickly just as seen in this case a man captured on camera brutalizing a woman in a bid to steal her purse.

Photo of the Man beating an old woman just to steal her purse

Photo of the Man beating an old woman just to steal her purse.

Watch closely the video below to see how mean and wicked the hearts of men have grown to be.

An old woman was seen entering a house which probably isn’t a public place and within milliseconds a young man follows suit immediately.

The young man was caught on CCTV struggling with the old woman just to take her bag from her by force. The woman tried her possible best to defend herself from being stolen from but the young man insisted.

After some seconds of struggle, the thief finally was been hitting the woman with a big blow on her face as he immediately left the area with the old woman’s purse who was lying on the floor at that moment helpless.

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Watch the video of the scene below as it’s so irritating:

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