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Untold Facts About Palet Nigeria In Nation’s E-commerce

How often do you buy or sell your products & services online? This is a vital question that only you can actually answer in your own time.

Palet Shopping Mall Logo

Palet Shopping Mall Logo

Nigerian online electronic buying and selling (e-commerce) has gone so high with its climax getting hit by online investors, buyers, and sellers. E-Commerce’s current spending in Nigeria is estimated at $12 billion and is projected to reach $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025.

In the light of this massive growth, a company (ST-Palet Engineering Limited) that has been in existence for a decade now has in her wisdom decided to launch and share in this massive growth and investment.

ST-Palet Engineering Limited came up with the idea of buying and selling goods and services online on the launch of her online Marketplace (PALET.NG) which started its sales on the 1st of September, 2020 with impressive records of huge sales by her first visitors.

The online store has been seen by many to take over the e-commerce business and become one of the most big-time players in the industry by 2023 as the growth recorded within this short period speaks for itself. is a new big thing in Nigeria and I believe the management is set for the real deals.
Recently, the company has recorded an impressive turnout of dealers and vendors who are out to invest resources to make this happen.
Palet Nigeria (PALET.NG) has its administrative and logistics centers in Lagos, Abuja, and Abia with lots of pick-up locations scattered all over the country.

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The company in a very massive level has created quality and sustainable job opportunities for young Nigerians across the nation.

Right now, my only concern is to see Nigerians develop the attitude of buying and selling online as its impact is highly positive compared to the conventional way of transactions.

I wish the new company (PALET.NG) well in the industry as they strive to break even. Congratulations Nigerians.

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