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Tips: How to Publish More Than One Articles in a Day on Opera News Hub Immediately

Hello Bazecity Media article lover. I’m glad to have you back here again, before I give you this very simple but smart way of publishing more than one article at a go in Opera Mini News Hub as a creator, I wish to inform you that I can assist you get any kind of custom and premium website for you at an affordable rate. Just call or chat 08064268032 to get started.

Now let go to the main business of the day. Many of us have been into trouble with opera and their article rejections and unapprovals for quite a good number of times. I believe we would solve this right now.

Sometime when you want to submit more than one article on opera mini in a day, you get this rejection message “You have reached your daily limit for the day” yes it’s normal as you have to wait till tomorrow but abnormal as you have many articles to submit.

What do you do in the scenario?

I will give you just one trick, try it and return here to tell me if it works or not using the comment section.

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Now, go back to your article creator account and start writing new articles. If you have not gotten an account, simply click here to get a creators account. While doing so, ensure you follow the guidelines started on this page on how to get your articles published faster and on time on Opera News Hub.

If you have taken care of all that, then submit it and write another on after 1hr or 2hrs.

While a said you should submit within the above time limits is to tell your that Opera Mini News Hub wouldn’t want to saturate their platform with so many arrivals from one auto at a time so they try to automatically reject submission of more than one article from a publisher or creator in less than an hour to avoid overwhelming their system.

Leave a comment below if you have a question or suggestion to make.

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