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My Experience In Igbo Land As A Yoruba Woman

Yoruba are generally brought up with various astonishing believes about Igbo land and her inhabitants. We were made to believe the Igbo eat human of in the case of Ngwa land in Abia State, use any other tribe for money making (ritual) and all sort of negativity. More reason the Yoruba parents deny their children the opportunity of choosing a lovely and suitable partner from the East.

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When I travelled to Anambra State, I knew no one and I do not understand their languages. Everything looked so different and incomprehensible. I had to ensure I kept speaking English to people so that we can communicate effectively.

I was fully welcomed and things I did were appreciated. I began to see a version I was never told of them. The caring, welcoming, loving and other positive qualities I never thought I could see.

Within little time, I was taught how to speak their central language and I became perfect. While learning, they sometimes tease me with difficult words while I search for answers in my brain.

My moments there were filled with total happiness and support. I wasn’t treated differently because I was a Yoruba lady, rather I was accepted as one of them, a family.

If you’ve had opportunity to observe an Igbo man, you would know that the differences are incomparable when it comes to loving their women. You rarely see attributes like cheating in them. An Igbo man will work with his wife in the same office or the same business and run it as partners.

Yoruba men would rather want you to feel their ego and authoritarian attributes. They just want to show they’re head of the family. Some would never even agree to work with their wife because they won’t have the opportunity to explore another woman.

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Igbo are not as bad as they’re termed and I do not support the idea of tribalism. I would even say they’re better and hardworking.

If you’ve had encounter with any of these tribes, kindly share your views in the comment section.


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