As a blog, we’re bound to reflect our terms of service to our customers and visitors.
This is to keep our environment clean from attackers.

A. Payments and Refunds

i.   All Payments are liable to refund within 12hrs from the time of payment.

ii.   Baze-City Media is liable to all payments made only to the official company’s account (ACCOUNT NAME: BAZE-CITY MEDIA, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0811075961, BANK NAME: ACCESS BANK) Any money paid outside the aforementioned account is not in anyway accountable by Baze-City Media as it would be considered as a nonpayment for the service (s).

B. Uploading of Content

Bazecity Media reserves every right to upload and bring down your content at any time if and only if you bridge or violate the under listed terms.

i.   In any case whereby your content violates the terms of service of google or any other search engine, bazecity reserves the right to delete or bring down such a content with or without your initial consent. As such, you are totally liable to any form of lose or gain in a such case or related manner.

ii.   In any case whereby your content after being uploaded on any of our platforms (website or social media) is found instigating, litigating or infringing on the right of another person (s), group (s), company (s), or related organization (s), bazecity media, reserves with or without any initial information to you the right to delete the content from the database.

iii. These terms are liable to update at anytime with or without your consent.


Bazecity.com does not offer royalties to content uploaded on the website and other related media.

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