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TB Joshua’s Prophesy Fulfillment Sign Starts in Anambra, Kenya & Enugu (See Proves)

It seems like the eyes of the whole world is channel on the popular Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua due to its prophesy on disappearance of the deadly Coronavirus desease.

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Credit: Ferdinand (ONH)


The founder and the senior Prophet of of Synagogue Church Of All Nation Prophet TB On Saturday 29th February made a declaration and prophesy in a service in his church that the deadly Coronavirus desease will end on Friday March 27th, 2020. According to him there will be a heavy downpour around the world which will wipe away all fears big the unknown.

It seems like the prophesy is coming to pass as recently China the primary place the disease started officially announced that there are no new cases of it in their country.

The world is waiting for the fulfilment of his Prophecy. So many people might decide not to sleep on March 26th Night as they wait a global news that will announce the end of the disease.

Anambra state was not left out as they are taking every precautionary measures to stay safe during this era of the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. The sign of TB Joshua’s Prophesy Fulfillment has kick off as heavy rainfall is falling in the State which residence are happy about.

Hallelujah a resident of Kenya shouted: “There is down pour of rain in Kenya right now. The down pour stated this Evening 26th of March, 2020 and has been raining heavily. Remeber it hasn’t rained in Kenya for many days. So it’s fullfiment of the prophecies”

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A resident of FCT Abuja also confirmed with her words as she speaks:

“praise da Lord somebody, in Abuja 2da evening there were a mighty breeze or wind,which signifies wiping or cleaning d land from stagnancy and diseases of any kind. Emmanuel which means God is with us,D prophesy of d man of God is fulfilling already through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR”

Someone else in Enugu also confirmed a heavy downpour in the coal city as well as warri.

Though this is the season of rain but let’s us keep our hopes high.

Could this be the fulfilment of TB Joshua’s Prophesy?

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I pray to

Teslim Balogun

I was Gosh wen I had the news about the recovery of the Italian people..More than 8000 people has bin recovered.. As at now cov19 is gone already….is truely a prophet of God. What he commanded has bin established .More Anoit sir.πŸ™




More anointing sir


imo rain yesterday


Please let it be because this disease pass science ooo although where I am in Kaduna it rain b4 now and it’s cloud now I pray it ‘ll rain too God help ur children ooo please

Prince chinedu.

Let’s watch and pray,and with faith so shall it be.

Ogbonna ikenna

Yes there is power in the word of God more grace sir, more anointing TB Joshua

Evang SAMUEL Sanya Olufe

Yes. Tht is the fulfilment, I believe the man of God prophet T B Joshua and his prophecy, I hide myself and my family in the blood of Jesus.

Anyaneto Godwin

I thank God for the revelation through the man of God, prophet TB Joshua. It’s not about the rain. But series of medical personnel should end practice as the virus is already disappeared in Lagos. The signs might be seen, but the patients are no longer experiencing symptoms of the phenom, Covid19.


Sir u are real man of God ….ur God has done it again

Orotoye Olayemi

Daddy president….abeg save us…if we no die of COVID19 Make we no die of HUNGER….


Where is our president of Nigeria, please come back covid19 has gone

Gbajumoh evidence

There is heavily rain pour in ibillo akoko-edo Edo state yesterday evening. Glory be to God.


We shud just keep praying


hey its fake death toll is rising…….don’t be decieved, he is not God…..


Hmmmmm! Don’t bleive BT God has don it tro d mouth of is servants


Sure na people who where sick are dying or am I missing anything here


See am when breez blow fr abuja talk more of heavy breez chai


Yes oooo Amen

Kalu Favour

Thanks to God almighty for honoring the words of his servant

oluwasola Joseph

He’s a real man of God

John Marshan

He’s a real man of God
The prophecy is coming to past, thank you Jesus

Stanchully nike

Tb Joshua is a confirm man of God, we pray for more grace into his life


I pray as it begin raining all over the place May the rainfall complete forforment as TB said in Jesus name amen I believe it will come to pass, stop all ur worry Nigeria n other country dat involved is coming to an end.

Obi Godline

God I thank you for giving us a prophet like TB Joshua in this our generation because things would have gone worst glory be to God


Here in umuahia there is a great wind God with inffinity mercy has delivery us

Idani Jessy

In bayelsa state also , yesterday,
Heavy rain fall 26 march


It rained here here in state


I am very sure that GOD have heals our land glory to GOD.


Jesus…It’s well


Let ever Nigerians thank God for the prophesy which the man of God give to us it come to pass therefore there is heavy rainfall is falling in the state which residence are happy about


In suleja it also rain heavily, could it be the sign of the end of corona virus spoken by prophet T B Joshua

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Wooow,I will add u on watsup now


Our God is merciful,
God said no more corona virus on Wednesday dis week while we were cry and seeking for his presence. We believe its over.
Thank u Jesus.
Heavy downpour yesterday as well


Amen.The deadly deases will pack and go in Jesus name


It rains in ibadan as well too

Chibuzor Daniel Ezekiel

All this money that is been given to citizens,what are the government doing about it? Nigeria let’s try and do the right thing for one’s.
And I thank God for the mercy to allow the prophecy to come to pass.
Science bear this in mind only God can help your work,so therefore put him first in everything you do,thank you

ZACKS Daniel

It also rain in kabba Kogi state yesterday evening, “.so strong “


Is raining in ph.


The same heavy rainfall in owerri yesterday, the prophecy of men of god is fulfilling


No.rain in Edo will still expecting thy will be done

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