See What Have Become of COZA & Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo A Year After The Rape Scandal (PHOTOS)

A Year After Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s Scandal, See How His Church Turned Out To Be (PHOTOS).

Scandals are one of the worst things that could happen to a very well known person especially when they have a good reputation because it puts such at stake. Most times those who get involved in it come out scathed and they either recover from the damages or they don’t.


Celebrities and pastors fear scandals because of the negative impact it will leave. It’s worse for pastors who are seen to be the embodiment of all things holy and scared, therefore are to be without fault. Due to such high expectations from the public, the backlash that follows pastors who get involved in scandals are tremendous.

Around July 2019,the senior pastor of COZA church was involved in a scandal in which he was accused of Assault by Busola Dakolo, the wife of Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo.

Indeed it was a tumultuous month and year for pastor Biodun as the backlash he got from it was much. It was so much that he had to step down temporarily as senior pastor until everything was settled. Lots of Nigerians especially the Youths clamored for his immediate termination as a pastor and for his church to be closed.

Angry Youths marched to COZA Abuja branch with placards to let their voices be heard and to put pastor Biodun in his place. He really had it rough as even his church was dragged alongside its members.

We all know that COZA (Commonwealth Of Zion) is one of the big churches in Nigeria and they have their headquarters in Abuja alongside other branches in states like Lagos, Illorin and Portharcourt and another in Dubai. Making it a total of 5 branches, so it’s a multi size church.

One would think that after it’s senior pastor was involved in such a scandal, it would drag down the church but rather how the church turned out after a year is the opposite.

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COZA is still running like nothing ever happened in 2019. It keeps growing in members as more keep trooping in and joining every day. The church still keeps up with their weekly church activities.

On Sundays the church still turn out to have many members in attendance that come to fellowship. Some people would believe that the scandal that Pastor Biodun was involved in would have at least reduced their church members especially the female members but the reverse is the case as more members especially females are coming to church.

It’s safe to say that COZA turned out better contrary to what some people felt might have happened to the church after the scandal.

If you can remember, Pastor Fatoyinbo’s case with Busola was dismissed by the court and she was fined 1 million for wasting the courts time. It would seem that the way the court dismissed everything that’s how Nigerians forgot everything.

This proves that not all scandals can end someone entirely.

See Photos below to show you how the church turned out to be after a year of the scandal.


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