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RIPKanu: Nnamdi Kanu died in an Italian hospital says a top military defense – Kemi Olunloyo

The controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has made another claim; Nnamdi Kanu died in an Italian hospital says a top military defense.

Kemi discloses this information on her twitter page recently, according to her she said;

“#BREAKING UPDATE I was briefed by a top military defense dept source that Nnamdi Kanu did pass away in an Italian hospital as reported. I was also told that whoever is broadcasting is an impostor meant to keep IPOB together. The Italian Hospital source also confirmed it #RIPKanu”

What do you think is the reason behind this woman’s claim on the IPOB leader?

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Samuel Shima

If you believe that our President Muhammadu Buhari who was born and bred here in Nigeria. Muhammadu Buhari that we watched his being delivered of the mother. Sucked his mother’s breasts. The Muhammadu Buhari that grew up here in Nigeria amongst us. The Muhammadu Buhari that was recruited into the Nigerian Army and rose to the rank of a General in the Army. That settled the Nigerian quarrel simply known as civil war. The Buhari that NEVER took REFUGE anywhere, even when his government was toppled in 1985 he stood his ground never to go on exile. The Muhammadu Buhari… Read more »


I wonder what’s going on on this woman’s mind while saying all these things. Nawaoo for people ooh


Somebody is pushing her into fire, blind leading the blind, pls kanu is not your type you don’t have anything in common with him or are you digging your grave?


You just hit the harmer on the head. 🙅‍♂

God's power OmOba

Niagara what is this going on please Nnamd kanu is my man nothing will happen to him God bless ox o

Pastor Celestine Chikamadu

I have no evidence yet to disprove the journalist’s impudent claim against the IPOB leader. But if I may ask; “If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu dies today, will it mean that Biafra has died?” Let nobody rejoice over the death of anybody. Anybody can die; but an idea is a spirit. It can hardly die. The only thing that can kill the aggitation for Biafra, is where the DREAM COUNTRY of our HEROES PAST, (where no man is oppressed), is allowed to come true! If Nepotism and Tribalism and Political corruption continues, the erruption of an activist someday, sometime, somewhere, advocating… Read more »


Believe you me, this woman will soon go down.
It is sure!!!

M C O global onelove

Kemi is a mental woman , she’s frustrated with her basket mount inviting death to her self ,well kemi Nnamdi Kalu is very much alive and will live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living,all those wishing him death will die in his place iseeee, he will live to finish what he started. Biafra must stand no two ways about it long live biafra long live Nnamdi Kalu fridom must be won , iseeee, iseeee


Anybody that spreads false information is a murderer because fake information kills and destroys lives, be careful.


so far as she is using her mouth she can say anything but if it’s my own mouth I will give her condition to use it appropriately and she also is looking for audience


You have just made your point. After all, this is a free world.


Kemi shotup if want to make yourself fine another joke
Nonesence woman.


Kemi do you know the effect of what you are saying


Not until it starts to tell on her


As she wishes to nnamdi death so shall death follows her generation

Bala Mijinyawa

What’s so special about the death of Namdi Kalu every soul shall have test of death, if his time is off nobody can stop him from dying

Lady G

We need to search the brain of such a woman.

What concerns her about Nnamdi Kanu?


Very important, most times people think they’re thinking but they’re actually thinking in a nonsense 🤔

Dube eminence

The name of the top military officer and date also the name of the hospital. If actually you were told and not fabricated then the officer may belong to those that have killed shekarau four times in sambisa forest. And finally this is how brown envelope journalist make their money so it’s not new

Mama mu

O yes, let believe he is dead and hope not to have his imposter


O yes, let believe he is dead and hope not to have his imposter


Really her claimed might be true bcoz if really he is alive let see him in a live vedio chat but we are not hoping him death he is Nigerian

Mohammed Sheshi

OK, may God heal our wound and help us take our position in the committee of nations instead of all this accusations and canter accusations.

Raphael Aganmwonyi

Let believe it’s not true but Kanu should speak to Nigerians on live video chat.


#Ndimmaduself… Rumor monger
Looking for advert


A taxi driver without park, you cannot be as popular as him ( OHA ma dike)


😂 😂 😂. This is loud. Kemi is only looking for a cheap recognition. I think she knows what she is doing. But believe me, it will hunt her soon


Busy body


A cheap journalist


Let us be careful with our tongue, and stop misleading Nigerians through social media. God is watching us


She is a useless woman


Are you sure this woman is okay


No comment


Kemi, I guess u want to make a name for itself, well, we are watching.


Madam kemi remember your children before be playing with man of God he is not an odinary pason like you becareful


She is foolish Woman claim to be a journalist but mother fucker


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