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Readons Why President Buhari Would Never Admit To #EndSarz Protest In Nigeria – Opinion

An opinion hasade these points to counter the #Endsarz protest against the youth of Nigerian.

A Nigerian youth who is identified as Obed Abari has gone write his personal opinion on the reasons why President Buhari would never agree with the youths on the #Endsarz protest.

Come to think of it, The government is scared. They know after this, we will protest against another societal ill, say education. Meanwhile, we’re getting them to do their fxcking job, something they’ve stayed away from. This is my point but he countered it.

According to Obed Abari, he wrote;

For me i think its not all about been scared of another protest on school issues but there biggest fear is the rate of online crimes to be committed after that
Imagine even after the sars incident some guys still do it
Yes we agree sars brutal people around, but they are doing it for a purposed, imagine what crimes youths committed during this lock down, fraud everywhere
I was a sars victim but not on frauds it was about drugs issue for was arrested innocently and my parents paid 60k because after arresting me we were talking NDLEA office where we were apprehended to police cell for some days before bail came up, i was beating because i was trying to defend myself but it was that kind of hard beating, and my reputation was lost fir some time with my family and other people outside seen me as a good person but thank God people later knows the truth
If sars us to be stopped the who will tackle the little issues in the street, because drugs, fraud, is me security issues sars use to be among the staff been taking there to take care of
So i feel we shouldn’t end sars but get better once to serve, because among them there are innocent ones
We here in the north shouldn’t even be talking about sars ending because the level of killing and kidnappings and all sorts of crimes is too high so we are not on the other edge of saying end sars except for the onse without clues on what is happening, i know it painful to loose someone close to you, but the question is can we tackle some of our security issue’s
Especially we the north, so i think our protest should just be like lets sars stop the brutality and fatality anf focus arresting and jailing with no bail, not killing og people they are supposed to secure.
but you see what baffles me most is that before you become a sars you must be a formal convict, that one got me scared
This ones who terrorist before are the ones terrorizing us again just because the needs money too from the youth our president calls lazy
The lazy youths are hustling but still are been harassed some are even scared to dress well, buy goid things just because of SARS
Pls thr government are not scared of school matters i feel but the rate of which crime matters will raise, imagine here those with dread locks who will never wants to bab even after parents cautioning them are not without dreads
So i will say
#say no to #SARS brutality not eradicating them a whole
Thank you

Is this dude actually right with his opinion?

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