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POS thieves burnt alive in Imo State for invading and stealing from victims

This is a big time jungle justice. Even though they are thieves, self justice and mobbing should be discouraged in all ramifications just as seen in the case of these two POS thieves mobbed and set ablaze in Imo State.

Three POS robbers set ablaze in Imo

The incident happened on Thursday after the suspects robbed a POS operator and ran away with the POS machine in Afor-Ukwu market, Isiekenesi, Ideato South Local Government Area of Imo State.

The robbery victim immediately raised the alarm which attracted the attention of residents.


It was gathered that the suspects attempted to escape but some youths gave them a hot chase and caught them at Mgbee.

After catching and beating up the suspects, the mob took the bodies back to Affor-Ukwu market, where they were set ablaze.

They used three used tyres, sprinkled petrol on them, put them on the dead suspects in the middle of the road, and set them ablaze.

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When the spokesperson of the Imo police command, ASP Mike Abatam was contacted to give an account of the incident, he said:

“I can’t confirm that particular report now but will appreciate it if you can wait; just exercise some patience because I’m working on another release as I speak with you now.”

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