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Pastor who paid a native doctor to hold rain for crusade exposed in Rivers

If the centre cannot hold, things will fall apart. Things have fallen in Rivers State as a pastor allegedly pays a native doctor to use magical powers to hold down rain for his crusade to hold.

Native doctor holding rain for a pastor's crusade to hold in Rivers State

Native doctor holding rain for a pastor’s crusade to hold in Rivers State. 

BAZECITY got this information from a  social media user who took to the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter to reveal that a pastor allegedly paid a native doctor to hold rain and prevent it from ruining his crusade. Wait for a minute, could this be possible if I may ask?

According to the tweet with username, @dj_wHacky, this happened in Ozuoba near Port Harcourt in Rivers state.


Most traditionists know that whenever someone is about to be buried or a major event is slated to be held in some rural communities in Nigeria, native doctors known as rainmakers are hired to stop rain from falling that day.

They perform incantations and in some cases, sacrifices to appease the gods so that rain would not ruin the event or occasion.

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Could this be what this pastor has done? Wonder shall never end. Why would a pastor implore the services of a native doctor in the first place? OMG.

While sharing the story, @dj_wHacky wrote;

“Nothing person nogo see for this Port Harcourt Rain, Pastor wan do crusade for ozuoba, e go pay rainmakers to hold rain”

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