OMG: Ex-Senator Cries after Seeing Former Nigerian Governor’s House Placed for Rent by Family

Muhammad Abubakar Rimi was a renowned politician who was popular on the National stage. He was an active politician for over 30 years.

Photos and videos have been circulating recently on the social media showing the house of Abubakar Rimi who died ten years ago, placed on rent.

These photos and videos caught up the attention of Comrade Shehu Sani on Twitter, who pleaded with Kano Government to save the Late’s family.

Sani, a former Kaduna Senator in the 8th Assembly, wrote on his Twitter few days ago: “Dear Governor (Abdullahi Umar) Ganduje.

“My passionate appeal; Please reach out to the family of the late Governor Abubakar (Rimi) and discuss the possibility of converting his residence into a research center, affiliated to the State University, as a mark of honor rather than this.”

The photo was taken from the Facebook page of Abdulaziz Abdulaziz.

Credit: Mmalumfashi (ONH)

Abubakar Rimi joined politics in the first republic, he made attempts to contest for Federal elections in 1964, but later forced to withdraw, he became a force later.

Rimi was a member of the Constituent assembly that drafted the 1979 constitution. He was a Senior Member of the PRP, which he contested and won election.

Abubakar Rimi became the Governor of Kano State in 1979, before falling with his leader, and loosing his seat in 1983. Rimi joined the SDP in the annulled third republic.

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Dr. Rimi also served under Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha. With the return of democracy, he and others founded PDP, he almost vied for Presidency in 1999.

He died from heart attack in 2010 from heart attack after armed robber’s attacks. Today his house is under the care of one Osas and Oseji for lease in Kano town.

Despite calls by the Senator, it is not clear if Ganduje’s administration is ready to convert the residence to any of the two Kano State-owned University’s center.

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governor ganduje pls sir if this is truth do something.


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