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Nnamdi Kanu Congratulates Ex-Nigerian Police Members

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has given his profound commendations to men of the Nigerian police who have sincerely given their resignation letter to leave the police force.

Nnamdi Kanu and Police

In his speech Mazi Kanu wrote:

I want to commend the patriotic men and women of Nigerian Police that have so far submitted their resignation letter to the IG of Police. I thank you all for heeding our call to leave the wicked Fulani controlled police force which has over the years turnes into a murderous Fulani vehicle for the extermination of young bright southerners. We all know that Nigeria as presently constituted is unsustainable and only by leaving the police and returning to your ethnicity/regions will the future our youths are bravely fighting for be realised.

It is the height of stupidity to allow Fulani officers to use Middle Belt and Southern officers in police and army to be killing their own young people in the name of preserving One Nigeria that only benefits the Janjaweed north.

Enough is enough!

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