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My husband does not bath before going to bed at night – Woman pleads for advice

Personal hygiene is an act or process by which a person keeps herself clean always. Personal hygiene Is good for everyone because it eradicated bad body odour and skin infections or diseases both man and woman.

Some people do practice personal hygiene why some do not. Any body who does not practice good personal hygiene such as not taking his or her bath daily, not cutting down their fingernails weekly, not cleaning their inner ear with cotton wool, not washing his or her clothes when it get dirt etc always have bad body odour and does not get good reviews from either his family or the public. (The way you are dressed is the same way you will be addressed).

On this same note, a woman who goes by the name Princess Agordzo on Facebook has written to Relationship and marriage counseling Group Seeking advice of what to do because her husband does not take his bath whenever he comes back from work.

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See what she said

“Is about my husband if he comes back from work he will not bath before sleeping, I have said it over and over but still. What should I do”

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