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Men are afraid of me because I drive an expensive cars – Businesswoman speaks

Over millions of great women are single today because of one thing and one thing only, the courage of men to approach them and request their numbers for further talks.


The Businesswoman

Many women are growing old because they don’t have the urge to tell the men due to the manner our society sees the women. The society sees the women to be the ones that needs to be proposed to not the other way round. This has made several women grown hungry for men to keep their company and fulfill their needs of family.

Abigail is 37-year old woman who has made it for herself but can’t seem to have the right man comes here way. She has made several businesses and progressed to be CEO of her own company but the man who will give her children is missing from the picture because her mode of life has taken all the men away from her and this has made her growing old each day. Abigail will be celebrating her 38th birthday next month and she is still single because of her social status.


She drives a good car, not the normal car but one heavily build car because she is fine made and needs to look good so she can keep wining for her company to be successful. On an average, Abigail meets over hundreds of men and women a week because of the nature of her job and over ten years, none of these men has had the courage to even ask for her number or ask her for dinner. It is outrageous to look good and have all you need in life and still can’t find the right man, but the ones who needs the money and pushes of men keeps finding the right men whiles we who have everything can’t even find one. It is outrageous said Abigail.

Sometimes it is difficult to estimate, whether is courage the men don’t have or the zeal to approach is what us missing from them. They are supposed to be looking for us but it seems we are growing old without them. One man told me in an interview last week about how I spend my day, and the sad thing is, he said I can never afford that, as if I wasn’t asking for him to come and pay my bills or come and pay my rent. It is strange for men to think every woman needs their money, some of us don’t need their anything because we have made it ourselves said Abigail.

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This society of ours should not be determined about who can get it done or who will pay the bills, I know a lot of men who gets full support from their wives because they are into government works and their wives are businesswomen just like Abigail. Not every woman needs the money or the perfect man but the simple man who can ask for the number and call to say hello is good enough to have that woman for eternity.

Men are supposed to be men who will approach women, it doesn’t matter the kind of dressing the woman is wearing or the kind car the woman is driving but the kind of courage the man has is the pro factor of this whole thing. The generation of women growing old without men is advancing and it is terrifying to know because the problem is not the women but the men. Abigail’s situation is not felt by her alone but by most women on the streets. Dear men, our ladies are growing old and needs you to act today and now.