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Meet Salle, the 17years old girl singer discovered in Imo State (@Callmesalle)

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When grace hits upon you, it spreads like a wide fire. When the love of God locates you, your common doings become uncommon just like in the case of Salle the 17 years old singer from Imo state.

Photo of Salle, the 17 year old newly discovered singer from Imo State

Photo of Salle, the 17-year-old newly discovered singer from Imo State.

Salle (@callmesalle) was discovered in the Imo when she was about going home from her daily routine selling of stuff with a head tray by well-meaning Nigerians who love the beautiful voice and a golden heart of music she got.

Just in few hours of her being recorded singing along the road, the young girl has now gained a lot of recognition from top Nigerian celebrities among other foreign celebrities.

This was very possible for her after the Instagram blogger Tundeednut shared a video of her singing with her beautiful voice which got so many good music lovers talking and reposting her content.

Nevertheless, Tundeednut has said he would continue to post Salle until he makes sure that a brand better than him signs her and gives her a better life.

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The young Salle in a few hours has gained over 80k followers on the popular social media; Instagram, as the count kept on increasing so fast.

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According to Salle (@callmesalle), she said that her parents do not know that she sings and loves singing but she continued to do what gives her joy hoping that one day she would be announced to the world.

Right now, it seems that the life of Salle has changed for good. Watch the video that changed her life below:

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Salle higher,higher I wish u good luck…

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