Mbaka Gives Coronavirus a Standing Prophecy

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has told Nigerians what they should do as coronavirus spreads in the country.

Fr. Ejike Mbaka

Fr. Ejike Mbaka

Fr. Ejike Mbaka encouraged citizens to put their trust in God instead of reacting to updates on the virus with panic.

The cleric prophesied that God will bring healing to the entire world Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) has given his latest prophecy on the rampaging global disease, known as coronavirus.

In a statement released by Maximus Ugwuoke, AMEN’s spokesperson, Mbaka called on Nigerians to put their faith in God instead of responding to the virus with fear.

In his statement he said:

“God’ll heal the world, don’t panic. Put all your trust in the Lord and “PUSH” harder.”

“I enjoin all to continue to keep believing in the healing and miraculous power of God that He has continued to demonstrate among us and increase our faith in the healing blood of Jesus.”

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“Under the priestly anointing, I release healing to the entire world, particularly where the disease is ravaging so much, let there be healing, let there be sunray always, which is one of the antidotes to the disease. God release drug that will cure it in Jesus name.”

During a prayer session held on Wednesday, March 18, in Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka called on Nigerians not to respond to the global pandemic with panic, adding that fear itself has torments in it.

The famous Christian cleric Fr. Ejike Mbaka also assured Nigerians that despite the fact no credible cure has been found for the virus, God has a solution if only people will call on him in prayer. According to him, the maker of the universe has supremacy over all human affairs and problems.

He said that if only God’s children will exercise faith in him, all things will be possible to them.

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