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Mavin Star, Rema Speaks On How COVID-19 Has Affected His Music Career

The coronavirus pandemic has not done anything less than harm in most people’s businesses across the whole world and music celebrities tend to get the hit as well. 

The young Marvin artist Rema has shared how this pandemic has affected his music career negatively.

When Rema was asked “What has been the greatest or most sudden change to your music career over the last week?”

Rema responded;

Normally, I’m an indoor guy. I only go out when a city needs me onstage.

Recently, I’ve had more time to understand the level my mind and grace has taken me to and how to put my behaviour, speech, and confidence in accord.

Usually, I make music while I’m on the road getting that bag which is fun, but now there’s more chill to it and I can take my time to explore my sound engineering skills.

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