Manchester United boss says United’s star Bruno Fernandes is ‘NOT tired’

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says Bruno Fernandes isn’t tired and doesn’t want a rest despite a below-par performance in Manchester United’s goalless draw at Anfield on Sunday.




Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes has been a mainstay of Solskjaer’s side, playing all 32 Premier League games since making his debut for United nearly a year ago including 28 starts.


The Portuguese star has become a talisman at Old Trafford and picked up his fourth Premier League player of the month award last week.
However, Fernandes’s passing game was off against Liverpool at the weekend even though he went close to a goal with a free kick and a shot from Luke Shaw’s cross.

The 26-year-old was unhappy to be substituted towards the end and Solskjaer insists the player wouldn’t want to be left out of Wednesday’s trip to Fulham.

‘His form is very good, he was just voted player of the month,’ said the United boss. ‘He’s not tired, no chance. He is one of the players that runs and covers the ground in every single game, he’s very good at recovering and recharging his batteries.

‘If he scored his free-kick or if it just had a little air on the ball when Luke put the cross in he’d have been lauded as best player in Premier League again.



‘Since he’s come in, he’s been absolutely immense. He’s not tired and if I ask him he’ll say there’s absolutely no chance that he’s tired.’

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Fernandes routinely gives the ball away more than his teammates because the nature of his job is to take risks, and Solskjaer doesn’t want him to change even though he couldn’t make a breakthrough at Anfield.

‘He’s expected to create goals, score goals and sometimes the margins are against him,’ said Solskjaer. ‘That free kick, I saw that one in! There were a couple of passes that he played through and it was marginal as to whether the player was on or offside.

‘So he’s always on the verge of creating something, even when he loses the ball. That’s the position I want him in and that’s what he’s been told to do. He has to be the creative one. I want him to play the passes he sees.’

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