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Man who spent over N13,765,000 on wedding cries for financial support

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A 29-year-old Ghanaian accountant has resorted to social media to anonymously discuss his financial woes after holding a lavish wedding to delight his spouse.

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The man claimed that he and his now-wife used to have severe disagreements about the size of their wedding.

He desired a small, low-cost wedding, and his wife desired an opulent dream wedding.

According to the weeping he earns Ghc2,500 each month and has managed to save Ghc30,000. He was expecting a Ghc 75,000 mid-year bonus and planned to obtain an advance on his provident fund, which was about Ghc40,000.

Because of his wife’s consisted pressure, he went for a loan to fund a lavish wedding with the price tag of Ghc200,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck shortly after the wedding, and his company lost some major clients, costing him the Ghc75,000 mid-year bonus and the provident fund advance.

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Another brother going through it. We must learn the lessons

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