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Man Mathematically Proves Coronavirus is “666” See Simple Math Solution

Ghanian Man Mathematically Proves Coronavirus is 666 with Simple Calculation.

The Coronavirus is a phenomena that has put the whole world on a pause button.


Social and economic activities are all on hold, while everyone docks at the comfort of their homes in fear.

Never has any illness brought such amount of threat to the world. Everyone has erred their views, now a mathematician even thinks the virus is 666 (that 666 we know) but he proved his point.

A man from Ghana has put out a controversial social media post which has really sparked serious debates.

The man with Facebook name, Reynolds Addo-Labi, proved to his Facebook friends and followers that Coronavirus is ‘666’.

The number 666 is usually associated with the devil (anti-christ) and this guy is saying the deadly disease is the workings of the devil.

To arrive at his conclusion, he used some basic mathematical calculations as he added the number value of each alphabet in the word ” C O R O N A ” and the total sum was “66“. Then the word ” C O R O N A ” is made up of 6 letters.

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Hence his conclusion at the number 666.


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Hahahaha lie

Ada Jesus

Is fake, l don’t believed it but what l know is God will show his mercy to us.


Don’t miss lead the public with your low mathematical knowledge. Simple arrangement of tens and units you can’t get right. A=1 and not 10 from your arrangement. Do the correct arrangement by placing 1 under 4 for 14. And and your correct because you failed the simple addition


Olodo, do u need glasses ?? 🙄

Mhiz Gold

U’re d one dat is wrong… Pls use ur calculator

Emeka samue

Are you sure!!


this is a fact though not reality because 666 is the mark of the beast and that is for those who blunctly refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. therefore coronavirus is an agent of destruction, i am urging every creature in this life to turn to God Almighty and we seek for forgiveness, we have really negleted God, through different vices of devil’s wish. JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT.


The order of its matrix is not in order. So let him desist from using mathematical rules as if it is from his grandfather room and parlor discovery. Correction!
the letter CORONA arranged in its array is RxC=6*1 and alphanumerical method of numbering the letter does not give edge to 66 but equal matrix using Echelon’s rules.

But let him prove it if not by comic way….. All is frict


This guy could be right I a way, I can see that they have to code the letters in the word CORONA.

Chukwu Shedrack Chizoba

The man is very very wrong , thats his taught and he is impacably wrong, what will now call bird flu, what of spanish flu, didnt he know that in every 100 years the world always experience an epidemic..?
Please his claims hv no good backing

Danjuma marama

This is just the beginning says the Lord. The best is to humble and ourselves and return to God, and beg for forgiveness.


Maybe so maybe not

nkwuda c Williams

God may b speaking to the entire world dat the end time z near,through this guy,in fact he hs done a nice work.

Ken dan

African mathematician .lol😂

A.A. Junge

May Almighty Allah protect us and guide all of us to the Currona virus in the world.

Aliyu ibrahim

That is a good one !

Laago Cherish B

On behalf of the OGONI PEOPLE, I wish the whole world a speedy recovery from this covid-19 in JESUS mighty name.


True fact

Onomavwe Stephen

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Fear not, for nothing lasts forever even the live we had. I believe that the world will come to an end. Signs of the end is vividly seen today. Repent now and be sure of enternity. Live on. My gems, love one another get married subdue the earth. Jesus said occupy till i come. Believe in Jesus name. When you pray. Love y’all.

Frank ukaoha

This is wonderful, u got it correct, God bless u,may the Almighty God save his children from this dangerous, 666,virus

Akinola Benjamin

This is a sign of the end time please beware


Though you tried, but for any equation the two sides must be the same. 6 is not the same thing as 66.


This is too myopic and a result of idlness of this moment. The publisher too. I studied Hebrew language, how would he calculate in other languages?

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