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Man cuts off 8-year-old daughter’s breast for growing bigger than her age

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The case in the rapid growth of our young girls these days are to some extent questionable as a father got worried over the rapid growth of her daughter’s boobs as he crazily cuts them off her chest.

Photo of a young an 8years old girl whose father cuts off her breast for growing fast

Photo of a young an 8years old girl whose father cuts off her breast for growing fast

A Nigerian man has been arrested by the Police in Lagos for allegedly brutalising his eight-year-old daughter following early signs of puberty.

According to Ebenezer Omejalile, Chief Operating Officer of Advocates for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network, the victim’s left breast was completely cut off by her father identified as Adegboyega after he used a hot stone to massage his daughter’s breast to stop it from growing faster than her age as the young girl is said to be 8years old.

The father, who tried to blame his action on his wife, was however picked up by the police last Friday following the intervention of the Advocates alongside the Inclusive Social Welfare, the Ministry of Youth & Social Development office, Ajegunle.

He will be charged to court today (Monday), Omejalile stated.

He said:

“This little girl was brutalised by her biological father who felt ‘how come she developed breasts so rapidly’.

“He turned himself into a medical doctor and heartlessly placed a stone in a fire and used it to massage her breast so that the breast would stop increasing in size.

“She was burnt on her left breast following the hot water massage from the father because he thinks the child is too young to develop breasts.

“The girl’s mother also complained of excessive beating for the same reason. Surprisingly the father is an engineer by profession, we engaged him in a conversation and he admitted to the crime.

“He tried to blame his wife for his negative actions; the most annoying aspect was when he claimed he bathes the 8-year-old (girl) every day.

“This is a red flag, the young girl is in serious pain. In addition, we discovered the left breast of Aishat was completely cut off as a result of the brutalisation by the father

“He was, however, arrested around 9.30 pm on Friday. He is currently in custody and will be charged to court on Monday.

“This is a positive outcome for us, it is a result of good partnership work from Inclusive Social Welfare, Ministry of Youth & Social Development, social welfare office, Ajegunle and the Ajegunle police station.”

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