[Lyrics] Medikal – Quarantine Flow

[Lyrics] Medikal – Quarantine Flow

This is a complete lyrics to Quarantine Flow by Medikal. The song Lyrics by Medikal which he titled Quarantine Flow is really a massive flow from the talent himself.

As you download and sing along with the lyrics to Quarantine Flow by Medikal, you definitely would testify on how talented Medikal is when it cones to flows on good vibes.


Quarantine Flow

How many times i tell you say i no go fail
Sowutuom boy i never go fi fail
Too many bars now they wanna throw me in a jail
But i still go talk my mind fvck how you dey feel
Wob3 diss me aa checke wo account nafre me back

Freeze my nigga i got snow like Arya Stark
Moving stacks into countries im winning Plaques
Modwom no anya train derail that be why i skip your tracks
Me preache lifestyle mo preache beef
P3p33 nti moto kelewele koraa 3y3 aa mogye receipt

Joo i put the hustle on repeat if making money bi virus aa
i dey test positive for the disease
Please somebody for quarantine me mowie nso aa monshow me love you for valentine me
Dem wan dislocate my body
Dem wan turn me into something else
Be like dem wan frankinstein me
Wow im on another level
Falling angels dey follow me with another devil

Baka ji baga na ko oo
Im with another rebel
tu tu tu tu tu tuu
Monye me level
tell my exes to keep my name out of their mouths
wifee be moving bricks like shes queen of the south
niqqas wey be mumu see me and shout
cause im a star niqqa why you think i brought the whole club to my house
95k dollar

80 thousand euros
bank bi na eholde me sika but i still aint broke
haters no get nothing joo dem just dey skin pain
so bored i had to get myself a new range skrrr

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the level wey i dey if nothing be about money
you no dey concern me you understand
i just dey count my stacks make my moves beyond control
Amg for life yeah whoaw
I made careers with a diss song
they put my songs on repeat like a ringtone
maware nti fr3 me Mr. Frimpong
dropping hits back to back its like some ping pong

Somebody tell hammer say i shock way back i wasnt good
i was the boss
you be snr man so i just go chok
how you go fi build house if you no even get plot

i dey fvk with you if i be beatmaker sef like i go die with you
ino be wrestler but i still dey rock with you
mewie aa na ma holde wo down s3 parachute
you feel me
Ghana foo mp3 nokor3 nti Shatta Wale yente nase

obia meny33 afro biaa nso afe biara y3 mafe
corona eko june july somebody point too dey lie
president bue border mesr3 wo i wan enter Dubai
forget every rapper in this country
i see them but they no fit touch my boundaries

i fi spark ignition like car keys
my hands like some palm trees
forgete medika na mada wonni hit songs aa joo me diss me na mada
de3 menkae koraa kwabena adu agya y3se maka
mebue mano kasa biara aa it bring matter
shout outs

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