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Good evening and happy new week , a big welcome to our new friends.
Please stay tuned and do your best to keep an open mind for a mind transforming presentation. It’s about to start so please give me your undivided attention, Thanks and God bless.


I wish to appeal that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to leave till you see the end of the presentation.


At the end of it, you are opened for questions. I wish to also inform you that this is a team of hundreds of people making money online while they sleep. So your are very lucky to have come across this life changing article. Just read through and cease to remain the same afterwards.

If you have heard about Million Money Smart Contract Investment Using Etherium, and would wish to join the fastest growing team that delivers within few days, click to chat with the team leader now or Call: . Otherwise read through to understand the process and how Million Money Smart Contract Investment Using Etherium works.

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Now This Is It:

We are a set of straight forward thinking individuals (Entrepreneurs) who have discovered an opportunity where we can take advantages to create leverage for ourselves and our generations to come.

What Is Our Focus?

We will be talking on
2. A business opportunity that will help you create leverage (wealth) with ease.


The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kayosaki said “all successful people have one thing in common: “LEVERAGE”

He further defines Leverage as the power to earn more and more while working less by either having people or money working for you.

Who Are These Successful Circle or People?

Statistics has it that 5% of the worlds population control 95% of the world’s wealth leaving 5% for the remaining 95% of the worlds population to share. This implies that 95% of the world’s population is poor and only 5% is wealthy. What an irony?

Where do you belong?
5% or 95%?

Let’s all take some time to ask ourselves where we would love to belong? The simple way to move from the 95% to the 5% is to create LEVERAGE.

Now how do you create this leverage and stand out among the people that are still sleeping and unaware of where the world is going?

Simple Ways to Create Leverage

  1. Intellectual property (e.g Books, application, etc you can be paid royalty. Never do outright sales of your intellectual work.)
  2. Principal Leverage Interest ( bonds, stocks etc – this is capital intensive)
  3. Rent from real Estate (Capital intensive)
  4. A connector in the connected economy. (Connecting people to people, people to value, business to people, business to business)

It is obvious that 1 – 3 are capital intensive and not everyone can actually create leverage through such means.

But No. 4 is something that can be done by everyone who is determined and this takes us to our next line of discussion.

IMG 20200503 WA0012It would be good if you try to visualize the above illustration in your mind.

This is Noteworthy: It is important to note that you either create a leveraging system or leverage on a system.

What is SYSTEM?
S  – save
Y – yourself
T – time
E – energy
M – money

We have seen where the world is going and want to be ahead. “The secret of success in business is in detecting where the world will go and get there FIRST” (Bill Gates). We have seen where the world is going and want to be ahead.

Now how are we getting ahead? What is this opportunity that pushes you forward in mental awareness that creates wealth? It simply known as “Million Money Smart Contract“.

I wouldn’t want to confuse you with big terms, in a simple language we are just like “Helping Hands International” Hold that thought in your mind we are not the same people, just and example so you understand.

But we deal purely on Crypto Currency called Ethereum. Crypto is the future of money and it is unstoppable. See video below from Central Bank of Nigeria and US Congress respectively. I urge you to please watch the videos in other to understand better.


With only 0.035 ETH ($10) ~ {N4,800 or less} ONE TIME startup cost.
A smartphone/computer
Download the App via
Refer just 2 persons and leave the rest of the referrals for us. Just sit and see your money grow, withdraw it anytime you wish. Is as simple as that.

A smart phone or a computer and you are good to go but it is not enough to have a computer or smartphone with Ethereum wallet.
We also recommend installing Telegram instant messenger for the convenience of communication with other participants and obtaining important and interesting information from our official chat. ✍

Let’s talk business now, click to chat with the team leader now or Call: .

Very Important Note:

Million Money is Not a ponzi scheme, it is a Crowd Funding Smart Contract application code build on the Ethereum block chain.

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It is crowd funding
Smart contract
Network Marketing
Long term
Risk free.

Many would tell you not to join now but believe me you probably would not want to regret it later. Just see a reaction from one of our team member;

IMG 20200503 WA0019

IMG 20200503 WA0016

At every level the price to upgrade in ethereum is in column 2.
The number of downlines to pay you is in column 3
Total payment in column 4 and Profit in column 5.

IMG 20200503 WA0017

This one shows at what level you get the contributions and which generation contributes to you.


Screenshot 57

At level 6, your two direct downlines who paid you in level one are the ones to still pay you in level 6..

As they buy level 6 with 2.5 ethereum each , it comes to you and that’s a total of 5ethereum..

You buy level 7 with the 5 ethereum..
At level 7, your 4 people in your 2nd generation downlines will pay you 5 ethereum each and that’s a total of 20 ethereum..

You buy level 8 with 10 ethereum and keep 10 ethereum.
At level 8 your 8 people in your 3rd generation will pay you 10 ethereum each when buying their level 8… That’s 80ethereum in total..

You buy level 9 with 20 ethereum and keep 60 ethereum as profit…
At level 9 your 16 members in your 4th generation downlines are paying you 20 ethereum each when buying level 9 and that’s a total of 320 ethereum…

You buy level 10 with 40 ethereum and keep 280/ethereum as profit..
At level 10 when your 32 members in your 5th generation are buying level 10, they pay you 40 ethereum each, that’s a total of 1,280 ethereum.

At this stage you have the complete possession of the 1,280 ethereum as you are not buying any higher level…

Do the maths:
Ethereum as at today is N98,617 ($220)
So N98,617 ($220) x 1,280 =?

So it is just like Automated Esusu
These 64friends contributing to you from stage 1 to 5 are also the ones who will contribute to you from stage 6 to 10

At level 1, your level one referrals (2) will pay you 0.03eth each making a total of 0.06
You upgrade to level 2 with 0.05 and keep 0.01 ethereum.
At level 2 when 4 people in your second generation ( the 2 introduced each by your 2 people you introduced) upgrade to level 2, they pay 0.05ETH each totaling 0.2ETH which you upgrade to level 3 using 0.1ETH and keep 0.1ETH.

At level 3 when 8 people in your 3rd generation downlines are buying level 3, they pay you 0.1 each and that’s 0.8 ethereum in total,
You buy level 4 with 0.4 and keep 0.4
At level 4 when your 16 downlines in your 4th generation are buying level level 4 their 0.4 ethereum each comes to your wallet which is 0.4 x 16 = 6.4ETH That’s a total of 6.4 ethereum.
You upgrade with 1 ethereum and keep 5.4 ethereum.
At level 5, when your 32 downlines in 5th generation are buying level 5, they pay their 1 ethereum to your wallet which is a total of 32 ethereum. You buy level 6 with 2.5 ethereum and keep 29.5 ethereum as profit.
That’s the end of a cycle
That is the potential value of ethereum you can harvest at the end of stage 5, (when you finally upgrade to stage 6)

Level 1 profit is 0.01ethereum

Level 2 profit is 0.1ethereum

Level 3 profit is 0.4ethereum

Level 4 profit is 5.4ethereum

Level 5 profit is 29.5 ethereum

29.5 + 5.4 + 0.4 + 0.1 + 0.01 = 35.41
Multiply that by current price of ethereum now which is N98 617 ($220)
That is the end of a circle.

As at today rate:

N98,617 x 1,280Ethereum = N126,229,760. One hundred and twenty six million two hundred and Twenty nine thousand seven hundred and sixty Naira.

Sweet right? Delay is dangerous and but regret is forever.

For the benifit of those who met the presentation half way and those who may not have the patience of reading, YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE AUDIO BELOW:

Life is a risk, business is also a risk. But what we should do is taking risk base on our risk appetite.

When you take a risk, you either get what you want or learn something new.

If I take a risk of N4,000 in trying to make my life better is worth it, after all one night outing will consume it and even more.

Yes taking this risk is worth it, it is a minimal risk.

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