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“If Kano is not safe no state is safe” – Shehu Sani

The whole system and fast increase in the coronavirus cases in the north definitely is getting high as the Kaduna State recently recorded 31 new cases of the COVID-19.

Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani

Irrespective of the COVID-19 issues, North has also been seen as a place of different social vices and criminal acts which have left her citizens in fear of the unknown.

Reacting to this uproar, citizens have shared their public opinions on the recent development across region.

According to a northerner to the media, stated “The crowd in the market when they allowed movements on Wednesday and Saturday is really worrisome. If you had gone out in these two days, you will know that NCDC is joking because there is more work to do.”

“North also have the highest number of victims of robbery and highest number of kids abducted by their people”

“The north has produced the highest victims of genocides, armed robbery, kidnappings, terrorism, people who have ruled the country and plunged everyone into pain and everlasting suffer (looters), illiterates and poverty. Yet they assume superiority and always suppress others.” A Yoruba man said.

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An average northerner doesn’t understand wht c19 is all abt. I will say Dtz the reason it hit them soo hard! However every state must be proactive and maintain safe health tips, stay away from contact with ppl. Even with the lifting the lockdown, we are also adviced b careful” An Igbo man added.

On that note, the Civil rights activist and former Senator of Kaduna central zone in the 8th National Assembly Shehu Sani has shared a controversial post which got a lot of negative energy on social media.


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