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I Killed Many Students During Our Weekly Initiation, Aye Cult Leader Confesses

Aye cult group leader Confesses of how he mistakenly kills young students during their weekly initiations.

The man popularly known as Don Kepi was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police in Akwa Ibom State for killing students during cult initiations.

It was also gathered that Don Kepi was a school dropout student of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic who was expelled for cultist activities in the school.

After series of interrogations by the men of the police force, Don Kepi confessed of how he operate during initiations:

Don Kepi speaks:

“During my reign as the group leader of Aye confraternity I normally initiated about 30 to 40 new students weekly into the cult, I was the strongest cult leader ever, most at times I don’t kill the students but they die mistakenly during initiations, once we want to initiate you to the group and you are not strong enough, you might end up losing your life cause the initiation process is always so serious and thorough. Through out my reign have initiated more than 2000 student’s especially the year 1 students who don’t know their way around the school”

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According to the group leader he is not afraid of death for he has seen much thing than death,

The police inspector in charge of the case has promised to charge him to Court immediately to face the full wrath of the law.

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  • Abeg stop adding sugar to make your story sweet which one is weekly initiation and you will have up to 30-40 new members..such not associated with d name u lock up

    • Oga looks like you know the game well. Please tell us about it. Include your whatsapp number so we can easireach to you for more updates