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I Decided To Visit My Wife Unexpectedly At The Office, Only For Me To Find Out This Happened

With the rate at which men find through DNA test that the children they thought they are their children finally turns out to be a dream is so alarming.

A man has gotten a shock of his life upon visiting the wife’s workplace with what he met as he entered.

The man told his life story to a marriage and relationship councillor Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah whom took him by the hands and gave him the best solution to his problems.

On his Story lines he wrote:

I have been hitched to my wife for a long time. During this period we were inseparable and she has given me two children and both were boys.

Withing the period of our marriage, my wife never permitted me to know her work place which I hardly manage to live with.

I have asked why I never knew where her working place was but she constantly continued avoiding my questions when ever I ask. Three days prior to the day my wife was caught at her work place her colleague called me on phone to inform me about an issue she had at work through he last dialed number.

To crown it all, no one knows she was even married not talk of having two kids as she always stays at home whenever she’s pregnant with the lies that she’s on work leave.

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Immediately, I left for her work place and on getting there, my eyes saw my ears without a mirror.

I saw only the very look of my two kids on the man having an affair with my wife. My two children exactly looked like him without missing anything.

It was then I reviewed that all through her pregnancy period she was consistently on yearly leave or study leave. All things considered, as though that was not troubling enough I met her partner who looks precisely like my two young men.

For long I have wondered where my two children got the very different looks they have which was never from my family.”

See the screen capture beneath:

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Vicks pride

Dats very bad of her


Why some women are very bad in marriage?

Infact,marrital problem is out of hand

Very hard to control, very hard for a woman to really be trusted by her husband

Women why now??¿???

Oge okoli

No sir


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