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Chief Priest Revealed The Reason Why His Village People Are Angry With Him

The popular Nigerian celebrity barman, Paschal Chibuike Okechukwu, who is better known as Cubana Chief Priest has recently revealed that his village people are angry with him because he did not bring back 46 (fourty-six) goats from Obi Cubana’s mother burial in Oba, Anambra State.

Chief Priest

photo of Chief Priest

If you recall, Cubana Chief Priest gave his friend, Obi Cubana 46 cows during his mother’s burial. Cubana is very rich so it might not really be a big deal for him. But the celebrity has recently lamented that his village people are not happy with him for coming back from Oba empty handed.

According to him, his village people demanded that he should have come back with 46 goats. Cubana said this few minutes ago on his official Instagram page. He also added a cute photo of himself as you can see below. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 

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Cubana’s caption read,

“My Village People are angry with me. They said If I didn’t bring back 46 Goats from Oba that I should not enter the village again. They Said the Goats belong to them that I should not play with their tradition”.

Cubana's caption

Cubana’s caption