How to avoid your article being rejected on Opera News Hub (Top three reasons for rejection)

How to avoid your article being rejected on Opera News Hub – Top three reasons for rejection

To get your articles published on the Opera News Hub, there are certain guidelines you must follow to avoid breaking the rules.


There are several reasons for rejections on the Opera News Hub and three of them are the top major reasons. They are:


. Copyright Infringement/Plagiarism/Not Original

. Violations of Law and Regulations

. Clickbait

1. Copyright Infringement/Plagiarism/Not Original


When you get a notification saying your article was rejected for ‘not being original’, it simply means your article is the same with another by more than 50%.

If your articles contain a lot of quotes, it will most likely be rejected for not being original. The smart thing to do here, is to either include a screenshot of said quote, or to rephrase.

Also, articles that contain lists (Playlists, movie, book lists) and lyrics without more information are also rejected for this reason.

To prevent your articles from being rejected for not being original, ensure you stay away from these practices.

  • Submitting someone else’s article as your own.

  • Using someone’s idea or works as yours.

  • Copying over 50% of someone’s work, whether you give credit or not.

  • Writing articles in which quotes make up over 50% of the content.

2. Violations of Law and Regulations


Articles in this category fail to abide by existing laws and regulations of the country.

These articles do the following:

  • Endanger the national unity/security of the country through ethnic, racist, derogatory comments

  • Falsify or misrepresent facts about the country’s political and legal systems

  • Reveal state secrets, such as national defence

  • Raise false alarm about disaster e.g natural disasters, accidents, terrorist events, wars.

  • Support suicide, violence or obscene acts

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3. Clickbait


Clickbait is a set of attention-grabbing headlines used to deceive readers into clicking on boring or unrelated content. It is also when a writer asks readers to click on a link for more information.

Do not use these words. This is because they are recognized as clickbaits.

  • Shocking

  • Shock

  • OMG

  • Unbelievable



  • Amazing

The phrase ‘Shock you’ would also be automatically rejected.

Apart from these words, some phrases that try to convince a reader to click are also rejected.

Example of such phrases that will be rejected are:

– 5 ways to cure Malaria, No 3 works in 2 minutes

– 11 rappers who committed murder, No 10 will shock you

– 6 Nigerian celebrities who have been in jail, you won’t believe who No 4 is

– 7 Nigerian politicians who were in the military, No 3 was a President

– 5 Nigerian footballers who went broke, No 1 is a Premier league winner

– 10 biggest churches in the world, 3 are in Nigeria

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