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Here Comes The New Nigerian Flag Stained with the Blood of Her Youths

This is the new Nigerian flag, stained with the blood of young people who dared to demand for a better country. #EndSars protest is more of a curse than blessing. The leaders of the protest most immediately fine a way to put out the fire 🔥 they created before its gets out hand.

Here we are helpless in the hands of good for nothing leaders who so much believe we must be cowed by using brutal force.

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What has our young generation done to deserve this?

Here comes the new Nigerian flag stained with the blood of her own children.

Let us pray our nation 🇳🇬.

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Okeh maxwell m

I suggest that youth should abstain from destroying properties for such cannot help rather lets move in arresting the rulers and pay them with the same coin they are paying us today,imagine after sending their soldiers to go and kill un armed youths they return in their old tactics of blaming one to another. One thing that annoys me most is the governor denying that no one died after they wasted almost 83 souls,the return in blaming nnamdi kanu who is not a governor either a president.this is because they want to spoil the mind f the youths, instigetting them,… Read more »

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