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Google Adsense Plans Banning Nigerian Websites and Apps Due To Fake Clicks

Could it be possible for Google Adsense to layoff Nigerian websites and apps due to fake, self clicking and boot clicks?

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It has been in rumours that the most automated way (Google Adsense aka Google Adword) by which Nigerian bloggers make money while sleeping online could be a thing of history.

What is Google Adsense?

From a layman’s understanding, Google AdSense is seen as a smart way by which online creators make money by monetizing and converting their website traffic into digital money after which withdrawing it to there personal or cooperate account using the earnings per click and impressions technology designed by Google. Among many other google adsense alternatives are but not limited to:

  • Amazon Associates Program.
  • Adversal.
  • Taboola Native Advertising.
  • PopAds.
  • Adcash.
  • Infolinks.
  • Propeller Ads.

Content creators now make/earn money massively on Opera News Hub.

From our sources, Google has started a plan to initiate the fact that adsense won’t be approved for Nigerian websites. The reason for this initiation would be made open soon if they finally agree to do so.

Experts have in one way or the other promulgated that the reason for this coming action by Google is very obvious.

Reasons why adsense would leave Nigeria.

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  1. Click Coercion:

    This one of the major reasons why you adsense is tired of Nigerian content creators. You are not supposed to fool visitors into clicking on your ads by mistake, or by chance. What does this mean? overly ads, movable ads, jumping ads, or any form of ads which makes your visitors click ads by mistake are highly prohibited by google and with hug number of Nigerian into this act, adsense might want to leave. See the example below.Adsense Click Coercion

  2. Self Clicking and Click Fraud

Nigerians have gone so crazy in these bad practices as many adopt machines and robots to click on their adds. People even go as far as hosting ads clicking programs just to increase revenues and earn more money than they never merited.

Other reasons are:

  • Nigerians invest more time on short term goals like auto blogging and copying each other’s content.
  • Most Nigerian bloggers and content creators use black hat and grey hat techniques while using AdSense.
  • Nigerian bloggers purposely game the AdSense system for additional clicks or views.

How do we Stop Google from Banning Nigerian Sites and Apps from Showing Ads?

Most Nigerian have abducted the best practices of using the adsense program which are:

  1. Creating valuable content on their site.
  2. Setting up a well-designed website theme or layout.
  3. Submitting their application to Google properly online.
  4. Waiting to get approved by Google.
  5. Placing their Ad Units above the Fold.
  6. Placing their ads properly within their post content.

These are most often called common and seen as simple but many people have done theirs in a big wrong manner thereby leading to disapproval or not making earnings either less or nothing.

For us to get over this now, we must:

  • Build websites of high quality and content.
  • Build your sites using positive practises.
  • Build your business with sustainability strategies.
  • Build more websites that add value in some manner.
  • Use Google Adsense putting in place all policies and terms of use.

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