Facts: See 10 Reasons Why She Was Raped

Don’t Ask Again, See 10 Reasons Why She Was Raped.

See 10 Reasons Why She Was Raped

See 10 Reasons Why She Was Raped

Rape is one of the problems we are facing in Nigeria today. Rape actually has to do with force which makes it different from sex. Boys are being raped, girls are being raped and children are being raped too.

We have taken our time to highlight the major 10 causes of rape in the world. Take your time and go through it so as to be vigilant. Share to your loved ones to join “Say No To Rape”

1. Indescent dressing:

Wearing indescent dresses which expose sensitive parts of the body, dresses that make one go almost nude all in the name of fashion promotes the rate of rape. Some dresses are also sewn tight and too short because that is what is in vogue but most ladies forget that many of them will be victims of rape.

2. Alcohol and drugs:

Most men find succour in alcohols because they think it makes them forget their problems;but once they are drunk, they can be aggressive and violent. Ladies should be security conscious bearing this in mind and ladies should not be found alone with a guy who is a drunkard or who deals with drugs.

3. Lack of sex education:

Legal awareness and enlightenment on sex education are indispensable to control rapes. Sex education has many benefitting lessons but when one lacks this knowledge, he or she may not really know much about sex. That is why it is being introduced into school curriculums.

4. Psychological problems:

Men sleep with their daughters, babies or little children due to psychological problems which affects their thinking. Too much intake of drugs can be a reason for them to have psychological problems.

5. For the sake of revenge:

Men rape women for the sake of revenge. That woman may have humiliated or disgraced him publicly and then he decides to rape that woman in order to take revenge.

Most times, that woman may not be the actual victim, just because you were the person within the time he has such act in mind, you might fall victim of it.

6. Peer group influence:

Take for instance, a man who goes along with his friends who have sex frequently, definitely he will be influenced with time. Most times when the urge for sex comes and there’s no one to satisfy him, he decides to rape just to satisfy himself.

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7. Once a man is sexually aroused, he can’t help but to have sex.

This is something that’s almost natural among majority of men. Though we still have men that think from the head, yet some still think from the third leg.

As a lady, if you are sure you don’t like a guy or cannot actually go into asexual relationship with a particular guy, endeavor not to play beyond extreme with him and avoid being in a secluded environment to avoid stories that touches the heart.

8. Flirty behaviors:

Ladies are expected to be of a good behavior at all times to avoid long term stories.

Though it’s good to hang out with friends but flirting is off the case because one can mistake you to another and have you go into what you actually cannot explain later.

Always be on a good outfit and choose dressing according to occasions very well.

9. Walking alone late at nights.

This act is absolutely wrong and must be avoided. Ladies are likely to be more fragile than men so as a lady, you should always keep time in mind whenever you’re making movement.

If in any case you must walk alone late at night, endeavor to go in a company of trusted guy that can ensure your safety to your destination.

10. Bad Company:

A lady being in the midst of more than one guy and engages in toxic plays can actually bring forth a forceful sex thereby leasing to rape.

Always watch your words and the kind of discussion you go into when you’re with a guy or group of guys because they can rise and fall at anytime of the day.

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