Different Versions, Platforms Of Opera Mini (Brief History)

In this article, I will take you round a brief history of Opera Mini, its founding members and team as well as the founding platforms Opera Mini first started and operated on. I urge you to be patient because you definitely would smile after this article. Opera Mini logo

Brief History of Opera Mini:

Opera Mini is a mobile web browser developed by Opera Software AS. Founded in 1995; 25 years ago in Oslo, Norway by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner an Icelandic alongside Geir Ivarsøy born in Norway.


Opera mini was primarily designed for the Java ME platform, as a low-end sibling for Opera Mobile, but it is now developed exclusively for Android and iOS. It was previously developed for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Bada.

As development continued to evolve and technology change hands, power and operations coupled with the emerging interest of users mostly on mobile operations, Opera Mini stopped its development on all other operating systems focusing on Android and iOS in the early 2018.

As it stands now, all versions of Opera Mini mentioned above besides the Android and iOS versions are no longer under active development. This was possible because of the bid for opera mini to join the league of mobile.

It was a great breakthrough as Opera Mini celebrated joining the ranks of WhatsApp, Twitter and Skype in the 50 best apps list which was by then, the only web browser in the list as at 23rd Jan, 2016.

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Different Versions of Opera

1. Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile is a mobile web browser for smartphones, tablets and Personal digital assistant (PDAs) also known as handheld PC developed by Opera Software AS. Opera Mobile is virtually the common Opera we all know one can easily use through the internet browser as a low-end sibling for the ones we know now.

2. Opera Touch

Opera Touch is made to be used on the go. It features an award-winning, fast web search interface and is the perfect companion for your Opera computer browser.

The modern user interface of Opera Touch has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Communication Design Award 2018 which gave the platform an increase in usage due to its technical features and easy to use interface that couples with mobile to PC.


The browser is instantly ready to search when you open the browser. Just start typing, scan a QR code or use voice search and see the magic then thank BazeCity Media for bringing you the information later.

mobile touch on the move@2x.d4104e3dda66

Unlike other mobile browsers, Opera Touch is designed to let you explore the web using just one hand. The Fast Action Button is always available on your browser screen and gives you direct access to Instant Search. You can also swipe the button up to get to recent tabs and browser navigation.

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The perfect companion for your Opera computer browser is definitely Opera Touch as recommendations have proven it correct.

Use Opera Touch with your Opera computer browser to get seamless web browsing across your devices. Connecting with your devices has never been easier. Just start the Opera browser on your computer and scan the QR code with Opera Touch. No login, passwords or accounts needed.

Using its technology called Flow, you can seamlessly connects your computer and mobile devices. With that, you can now share links and notes to yourself through Flow and your other Flow-enabled devices will immediately see them.

This means you can instantly access the content you share with yourself on all your devices. The best part is Flow is encrypted, private and kept only for yourself. You can connect multiple iPhones, Android phones or computers (Mac, Windows and Linux) to your Flow.

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3. Opera Web (web browser)

300px Opera Web Browser

Opera is a freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux operating systems, developed by Opera Software. Opera is a Chromium-based browser using the Blink layout engine. It differentiates itself because of a distinct user interface and other features.

4. Opera GX

Opera GX is a gaming counterpart of Opera web browser for Microsoft Windows and macOS, developed by Opera Software AS.

Opera GX was officially developed by Opera Poland and was initially released on 11th June, 2019. Opera GX is a web browser based software which is licensed on freeware.


Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically to complement gaming. The browser includes unique features to help you get the most out of both gaming and browsing. In our next article, we take you through on the bases of Opera GX.

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If you have any questions on this article, you can drop it on the comment section and we would answer you asap.

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