Catholics Attend Mass Inside Flood Amidst Coronavirus

Catholics Attend Mass in Boats After Typhoon Floods Church in Philipines. Wow! 😱 Now this is devotion to the Holy Mass!

Fr. Mon R. Garcia III celebrated Mass for the last time at his Church in Sitio Pariahan, Bulacan in the Philippines after a typhoon hit the area, causing flooding and structural damage to the church.

According to the Church POP, Sitio Pariahan began sinking into the sea in 2003, but last week’s typhoon made the situation worse, forcing evacuations.

“I’m willing to celebrate the Mass even without people,” Fr. Garcia said. “This is the last mass we can have here. We’ll be leaving this town soon.”

According to Church POP, “Faithful attend Mass in boats at a flooded church in the Philippines. A typhoon hit the country last week with heavy rain and wind causing floods and structural damage. The land where the church is will become part of a new airport, so this may be the last Mass celebrated there.”

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Source:- Gospelbaze


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