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Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau Finally Killed By Chadian Soldiers – President Idris Deby

Chadians President Idris Deby while issuing a statements on the development on the last attack on Boko Haram by the Chadian Soldiers said that his soldiers has killed.


Idris Deby who lead his soldiers again Boko Haram terrorist succeeded in killing over hundred of the terrorist, including some of the terrorist leaders.


He said in Short video share by Chidi Cali that “My Soldiers Have Killed Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram Leader.”

Abubakar Shekau, who appear to be an invisible Human being were reportedly killed several time by Nigerian Soldier.

Watch Idris Deby said “My Soldiers Have Killed Abubakar”

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How I wish Shekau is crying like this in the hand of Nigeria soldiers. Bravo to the Chaldean army. May God continue to help you rid out anything book haram and whatever is connected to it. Idriss Deby, don’t mind any noise from anywhere about your action and offensive attack on book haram. Empty barell will never stop making noise. Meanwhile, be reminded that people will naturally cry, when their source of wealth is touched. Book haram is a problem waiting to be totally solved. Thank you to all who have contributed to the fight against this evil.


Nigeria get leader? Starting from the president to chairman, a God will exposed them all… For the accounter general, she will suffered… Na for Nigerian she go know say big man de die uselessly.
The generation of that accouter general shall encounter God rag.
As long as God lived, a counter general shall know no peace.


Congratulations chadian, Mr President Idris Deby.Your excellency sir, God bless you, chardian,mnjtf. A Blow,Big Blow to Nigerian, Guratai and the rest of iswap,


Very interested


I am afaird 😪😓😓😴


I am afaird 😪😓😓😴

Ndive Nnamdi Vincent

I move a motion that, chadian president deby become president of the African for defeating Boko Haram.


I support the motion

Fuck Boko Haram


U sure say dis tin none fake news

Efe blessing

Story story.una don start

One love

Not possible


How shut are u


This calls for celebration if really the boko haram leader has been killed.


more blessing

Samson Idowu

May d Lord bless chadian and Nigeria soldier in Jesus name





John Madaki

May God bless Chadian leader and his soldiers for eliminating one of the World enemies of the 21st Century.

one dakin

Pls show us the dead body of that insurgent and sporadic killer that called himself shekau

Festus omonigho

Yes, let them show us the dead body of that criminal, Cus as for me oo I totally disagree with you. If you can’t figure out the dead body. That means nah lie

O j

Let’s them show us the body


Show us him dead body

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