Blockmec Technology, Nairadot coins – The Largest Crypto Project From Africa

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These past few years have seen no doubt a significant increase if not astronomical in the demand for cryptocurrency and it’s has become almost common language in the world. Since the explosion of bitcoin price in 2017, the world at large has seen the emergence and acceptance various products through the use of the block chain technology. Over the past few Africa has seen its rise in the use of cryptocurrency for various financial transaction across its large continents. More so millions of dollars are being confirmed to be transacted daily on popular crypto exchange by various data trend analyst, this ensures the popular and steady rise of the crypto related activity. Despite Africa large and diverse people, shared similarities in aspects of socio economic issues to the lack of adequate infrastructure can be found across the continent. Where the use of cryptocurrencyworldwide is seen in investing, trading and some speculations, this is not the same for Africa. Its ground is still fertile to breed crypto currency and establish its solid hold in the crypto world.


ERUMEC Technologies intends to bridge this gap with the introduction of Naira Dot coins, this large crypto project is sustained by BLOCKMEC network. NairaDot coins is a real gross settlement system currency exchange and remittance network a project released under BLM-72 creation and transfer of coin is based on the blockmec network an open source cryptographic protocol. NDC is the native digital asset on the following platforms Nairadot games, Fix-up professional, Motiongraph App,  and many more to come.


Pre-sale will have 200 contributors. Airdrop will be sent out to 100,000 real users. 50 coins will be sent through filling out an extremely simple form and basic ID proof KYC in our Blockmec wallet. The airdrop process has many security layers which will ensure mass abuse does not take place, at the same time being very simple for a legitimate user to complete. Airdrop Security Mass abuse of the Nairadot coins airdrop is not possible.


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• Finite NDC supply; We have about 72,000,000 volumes of NairaDot coins in circulation.

• Responsible Software Governance; A Team of full-time world class developers at BLOCKMEC  to maintain continual improvement on BLM72 underlying software.

• Modern Features for Smart Contract;Features like Escrow, Checks and payment channels will be soon activated.


Nairadot coin is Owned by some groups of companies headed by ERUMEC TECHNOLOGY the next generation of tech here in Africa. Africa is one of, if not the most promising region for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is due to its unique combination of economic and demographic trends. While the overall adoption is relatively low, the potential is enormous, the growth is rapid, and the development is likely to become defining for the cryptocurrency industry going forward. “SEC Nigeria has consistently shown that it has a clear understanding of her role in creating a conducive environment for the growth and development of Virtual Financial Assets, and Cryptocurrencies in general. This recent publication will act as a catalyst for mass adoption. It will also create the much needed institutional investor confidence for the Nigeria Capital Market.” This is why We have decided to make maximum use of this opportunity the crypto is widely used here in Nigeria.

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Developing the Blockmec  clients, now we can proudly say we have implemented the full visualize protocol of the Blockmec Technology Originally, the intent was for only three implementations; Anyway our tech team have been on all scripts to actually implement our protocol on the blockchain

Developing the Blockmec  programming languages and compilers, to the point where we have moderately stable versions of BLM-72, LLL and mecNFTs protocols

Blockmec technology  infrastructure operates like blockchain with major difference :   – Each account on the protocol has its own blockchain called an account-chain.   – Only an account-chain’s user can modify his/her individual chain.

Blockmec technology compared to the other every other “non-blockchain blockchains” without a limit on possible.

it’s an agent-centric and not a data-centric network like the usual blockchain, so it’s near infinitely scalable and decentralized, because each agent is independent, and can process lots of transactions by themselves

The power of a cryptocurrency is to allow easy and effortless transfers to anyone  regardless of their location without a 3-rd party instantly and free.    Nairadot coins will be used as an actual payment system more efficient than current  systems, much more decentralized without manipulation and corruption.

Ease of entry and simplicity  Entry should be simple.     Allowing newcomers to cryptocurrency the chance to be involved and participate in  the ecosystem. Nairadot coins is aiming to make a money transfer as simple as sending an SMS  regardless of location.


These special tokens are used to create verifiable digital asset as well as digital ownership  and the ability of sending and trading it in the blockmec wallet and so many other platforms.

Blockmec technology with the power of BLM-72 provides the ability for anyone to build a non-fungible token. These tokens are gaming asset that can be traded or swapped to NDC in the Blockmec Wallet and other crypto exchange platforms.

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