BBNaija 2021: Watch, Saga tells Nini that he’s wearing Biggy’s punishment with pride

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Saga is currently being a mumu for love in this Season 6 Big Brother Naija reality TV show as he claims to Nini that he’s ready to get more punishments from Big Brother because of her.

Photo of Saga telling Nini he wears Big Brother's punishment with pride

Photo of Saga telling Nini he wears Big Brother’s punishment with pride. 

According to Saga, the second strike he got from Big Brother currently is not bothering him as he’s not even regretting it at all even though he stands a chance of being disqualified from the BBNaija reality TV show if he gets one more strike.

I’m wearing Biggy’s strike with pride, I don’t regret the decision I have made and I’m going to do it all over again” – Saga

Recall BAZECITY reported the moment Saga failed to accomplish the secret prank given to him by Big Brother a few days ago which he was asked to stay away from Nini for a little while. But because Saga claims he loves Nini and couldn’t hurt her decision to disclose the prank to her before time.

Saga was also caught with Nini whispering in the BBNaija house which is highly prohibited and can cause your disqualification from the show. That act attracted severe punishment for both him and Nini.

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Just a few moments ago, Nini and Saga were seen sharing a heart to heart conversation during which Saga has opened up to Nini that he’s not bordered about the strike or even the punishment and as a matter of fact can take any more punishment for her sake.

Watch the video of Saga’s discussion with Nini below:

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