BBNaija 2021: Watch Queen apologise to Whitemoney after accusing him of gossiping with Jackie B

When two love beds fight it’s better to stay away from their fight if not they might use you to make up and in the next minute, they flock together just as seen in the case of Queen and Whitemoney in Big Brother Naija’s house earlier this morning.

Queen apologises to Whitemoney for shouting at him

Queen apologises to Whitemoney for shouting at him.

Recall that BAZECITY reported the moment Queen was seen exchanging words with Whitemoney over her belief that Whitemoney has been telling Jackie B about her relationship with him at the BBNaija house which she claims she doesn’t like.

WhiteMoney and Queen talk as Queen apologizes for misunderstanding his friendship with Jackie B, says he should have told her before now so she understands what their friendship was like.


Few moments after this incident, Queen has made a u-turn with her actions to seek forgiveness from Whitemoney for her actions.

After her conversation with Jackie B, which made Queen to understand the root of the whole issues, Queen went to meet Whitemoney in the dressing area and apologised to him for misunderstanding the type of relationship he had with Jackie B.

Whitemoney went on to explain how she should not have had such a misunderstanding in the first place owing to the fact that he has been watching her back from the first day she came into the house.

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Whitemoney also added a claimed that since Michael was from the same origin with same ethnic background as him, he was not going to go after the woman he liked just because Michael had left the House.

Now the big question is; Was Queen’s anger against Whitemoney justified, seeing that they are just friends in the BBNaija’s house?

Watch the video of Queen’s apology to Whitemoney below and share your thoughts:

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