BBNaija 2021: Watch Pere & Whitemoney admit they both like Maria

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It’s quite interesting seeing Whitemoney and Pere put on a single argument and at the same time agreeing to that. The case of Maria being nice and more interesting to be with make them be on the same page this time in the BBN house.

Photo of BBN housemates: Pere, Maria & Whitemoney

Photo of BBN housemates: Pere, Maria & Whitemoney. 

Just in a recent argument among the housemates still in Big Brother Naija’s house currently, there comes a time to name whom one likes or hate in the house. At this point, Whitemoney was asked to name whom he loves or likes without bias, he openly reaffirmed his romantic love for Jackie B as he had been saying.

In addendum to the above, Whitemoney in the video below acknowledged his love for Queen is personal and he can’t disclose its nature to anyone.

When Angel asked Whitemoney about his relationship with Maria, he made it clear to everyone that he is only attracted to Maria’s personality and her craft nature which Pere also consented to him.

According to Pere, he said that what he likes about Maria isn’t her looks but her mentality and the way she reasons. He tagged it “Electric and Contagious“. While Whitemoney seconded to that.

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At this point, Whitemoney made viewers understand that his love and romance attraction is only on Jackie B and no one else.

Nevertheless, while in the same conversation environment, Angel made everyone to know that she’s not attracted to anyone in the BBNaija house and not even Cross.

Watch the interactive conversations among the housemates below and share your opinion:

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