BBNaija 2021: Watch Jaypaul ask Saskay to stay away from Cross’s bed

The 21-year-old 2021 female Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate Saskay currently seems to be going through some hard times in the BBN house as Jaypaul and Cross come after her for a relationship.

Jaypaul complaining to Saskay to stop sleeping on Cross's bed

Jaypaul complaining to Saskay to stop sleeping on Cross’s bed. 

Saskay has once been filmed in the BBN house going so emotional to the extent of shading tears. Why? It could be because she’s up for eviction or because of the confusing attention that is shown to her by Cross and Jaypaul.

Photo of Saskay going emotional

Photo of Saskay going emotional. 

From our analyses, we would say that Saskay has more intimacy and interest in Jaypaul more than she does with Cross. This is because the last time Cross got a massage from Saskay, she was right on his back shaming him without his knowledge. Watch the video here.


From all indications, Saskay tends to have a more realistic conversation with Jaypaul even though her fans are asking Jaypaul to give her a breathing space.

Just last night, Saskay spent a longer time in Cross’s bed and this didn’t go down well with Jaypaul as he expressed his feelings about that to Saskay while asking her to stay away from Cross’s bed that he doesn’t like seeing her sleeping in his bed.

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In response to that, Saskay said she is being forced to do so that she would not want to discuss it or give her reasons for her actions. Then, the question now is, who is forcing Saskay against her wish?

Watch the conversational video between Saskay and Jaypaul below:

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