BBNaija 2021: Watch Cross call Angel a baby just to win Queen’s love

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How some of the Big Brother Naija’s season 6 housemates talk down on other housemates in a bid to get their way going mostly to satisfy their selfish interest is alarming just as seen in the case of Cross calling Angel a baby before Queen.

Photo of Cross telling Queen that Angel is a baby

Photo of Cross telling Queen that Angel is a baby. 

This Season 6 BBNaija male housemates are sometimes going out of content as some of them try to do annoying things like gossiping too much to gain attention in the house. Though some behave matured.

Why would Cross even call Angel a baby before Queen? He wants to impress her right? Okay.

Recall BAZECITY reported the moment Saga called other female housemates bags of rice just to her Nini to like him. Did that work? Maybe it did. But in the case of Cross and Queen, I doubt.

Nevertheless, Cross had already told her she’s pretty, and she accepted. You told her she was not even your second choice initially but now she’s your first choice. She accepted. Why then are you bringing Angel into the conversation by calling her a baby?

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From my point of view here, Queen seems to be smart and would not fall for this cheap trick of interest from Cross.

Remember Cross has been kissing Angel all over the house both in secret and in public right inside the house and Queen is aware of this. So to me, she won’t fall for that anyway.

Watch the video of the moment Cross called Angel a baby just to please Queen below:

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