BBNaija 2021: Watch Cross accuse Angel of poisoning his food in BBN house

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The Big Brother Naija Season 6 Reality TV show is going towards an impressive dimension. Can Angel poison Cross’s food as he feared over the food she served him this morning?

Photo of Cross accusing Angel of Poisoning his food

Photo of Cross accusing Angel of Poisoning his food. 

Cross and Angel have been best of friends in the BBNaija house for a while now even to the extent of kissing, caressing and accessing each other in the BBN house not until after the last Saturday night party.

Angel suddenly developed a cold vibe on Cross after she caught Cross running around the just evicted housemate Saskay. Cross even went as far as proposing and giving her a ring during the party as it was conceived to be a game.

After the party, Angel was so mad at Cross as Cross was seen kneeling and begging her to forgive him that he wants them to come back to each other but all to no avail as Angel kept pushing him away.

Nevertheless, this morning got Cross filled with awe as Angel serves him breakfast in bed. In the first instance, Cross couldn’t digest it as he asked Saga if he would eat if he were to be the one in his position? But Saga laughed at the question.

Cross expressed signs of uncomfortability over Angle’s sudden kind gesture as he questions the food. He said that the food might be poisoned over the fact that he has not been friends with Angel and suddenly she is giving him food.

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Saga on hearing that censured him saying that Angel cannot poison him in the BBN house for any reason.

Cross insisted that she might have salivated inside the food but Saga playfully asked him to eat it that it would nourish him after all.

Wait a moment, why would Angel do a thing like this at this moment? Maybe because they both survived last night eviction and Saskay is out of the house now. To that effect, Angel wants to get back at Cross some time coming. Who knows?

Watch below, the video of the moment Angel served Cross food on the bed and Cross thought it was poisoned:

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