Web Management

We understand your fears when it comes to website security, which is while our core values are centered on security.

To that effect, we strictly use the best anti-theft software to store, and secure clients’ data which no one else has access to except the constituted web manager.

This is solely your choice. Depending on the service you subscribed for, we only required access to part of the website you have chosen to give access to. This means that you can still keep your admin rights and either give Bazecity Media access to SEO tools, content publication, analytics tools or page level access. At any case, your website’s important information is highly secured with us with %99 security level. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Bazecity Media only need to understand your business and we do the rest. Based on special request, you can always send us content or information to be updated on your website at any time and it would be done as required.

We update your website 3times weekly unless there are critical or inevitable content to be updated. This is done at no extra cost which makes us highly flexible.

Currently, our website management expertize covers all kinds of websites. We basically create and publish exclusive static contents and pages. This means that we can create and manage your blog and news websites’ static pages. Therefore, Bazecity Media does not partake on daily blogging and news publications for now.

Social Media Management

We currently handle all kinds of business social media handles except social blogs and news outlets.

Depending on our agreement term, all social media contents including graphics and videos are created by either parties. But trust Bazecity Media we can be very flexible with this.

Our social media team manages all kinds of social media platforms.

We understand your fears about social media hackers but our team of professionals has you covered. We guarantee you a 99% security of your social media handle as long as it’s under our watch.

We are known for less promises with more doings. Our team of professionals would on a daily bases post tope-notch and engaging content in a minimum of 2 (Morning & Evening), but on so many other occasions thrice daily.

Currently, we can only on special demands post content on weekends and public holidays.

Nevertheless, holidays that require greetings and celebrations would be considered. Which means, we will on special holidays post engaging contents on your social account(s).


We understand how tight your schedule could be which is why we are here to assist you to focus on more important things than creating and publishing of content.

Nevertheless, we can also require some vital information from you on rare occasions for the bases of verifications and fact checks.

We offer to all our clients no matter the level of subscription a monthly news update about what is trending within the client’s industry as long as the information being published is relative to what the client stand for.

We currently do not accept publications with sales and advertisement. For more information on advertising, kindly refer to our advertising page.

Our monthly updates are basically published on our news website @ www.bazecity.ng. We also offer publications across our social handles on some occasions depending on the agreement with you.

The Bazecity Media Difference

At Bazecity Media, we’ve led by doing. With deep roots in managed services, and award-winning, standard-setting strategic consulting, we offer end-to-end multi-media designs, website and social media management to help more Nigerian companies, organizations, and individuals operate successfully in the media ecosystem. That’s our mission, and we’re proud to be trusted by our customers to do it every day.

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