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About Roseline Effiong – Biography

Biography of Roseline Effiong

Biography of Roseline Effiong

I Roseline Effiong started singing right from when I was a teenager back then when we were attending Anglican Church at the Army Barracks. I gave my life to Christ in April 1996 in RCCG (Overcomers Chapel Idimu), received Holy Ghost baptism whilst in the Baptismal class. I was baptized at the RCCG redemption camp in August 1996.
I joined the choir of every Church I attended (People’s Gospel Church). On-Campus I was in the Choir (Redeemed Christian Fellowship, Unilorin 2000-2003), NCCF Yobe during my Service year (2004). I was a member of the RCCG Mass Choir (Lekki ’98 -2005) before travel. Then I joined the RCCG Royal Connections where I minister with the choir (Royal Voices), WOM Choir, HIH Choir, etc.

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Biography of Roseline Effiong
I Roseline Effiong started manifesting the gift of songwriting when I joined RCCG. I use to attend the Anointing Service at Abule-Odu in Idimu, Lagos with Pst J. T Kalejaiye ministering. I was in the Choir. Every Tuesday morning at 6am I would be there to pray, practice, and be ready to minister. I remember the very 1st song I wrote. “Sokale Agbara Orun”, followed by “Moko Ile Mi Sori Apata”.

I am a product of God’s Mercy. He chooses whom to have mercy upon irrespective of your mess, mistakes, backgrounds, or foundation. I thank the Lord for this.

Listen and download my latest song I titled Master Planner below.

- CEO Baze-City Media - Young Electrical / Electronics Engr. - A Polical Comrade - An Entrepreneur - An Entertainer

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