Uproar In Abia As Diabolic Documents Used To Force Okezie Ikpeazu As The Governor Discovered By EFCC

Abia State has for long remained one of the Nigerian most unfortunate states when it comes to good governance.

Series of governments come and go without a good sign of leadership to bacon on as the then and now government are seen by the people as not capable while they only siphon public funds.

The document Okezie Ikpeazu signed for T.A Orji and his son before they made him Governor of Abia state in 2015 has aptly been discovered by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) as they went on rampage search the house of of the former governor of Abia State T.A Orji in Abuja.

T A Orji is not new to oath taking, his predecessor equally took him to a shrine in 2007 as shown in the video, but he has stepped up the game by taking his successor to a Hindu shrine for oath.

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If these facts are true, then there is hope for Abia State as they wait for a better days ahead.

Below is the oath the current Abia state Governor Okezie Ikpeazu took for T.A Orji and Son Chinedu Orji.

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Weather fake or real documents, the truth still remains that they are looters, and will explain #500b they stole, the so called governor is in USA till boaders was locked down, so he wants to tell us he did not hear when Trump ordered lock down and when Nigeria stopped entries from affected countries of covid-19, men he wants to finish our money there, and Aba is decaying day by day, this people deserve to rot in jail as there boss orji kalu,, someone is saying impact of government, which impact? Is it by patching the roads? Or did you… Read more »




I hear you well tigga


All Governors in Nigeria are forced on the people, including Hope Uzodinma in Imo State now.


I hate these state Abia state with what is going on

Okoh S. N. W.Rev.

Save Abia state if it is locked up by an Indian god that cannot save itself.This is an opportunity to save our governor.Pls don’t make any argument about it.If his sponsors are owed,let us pay them.Abia has suffered. Workers are owed for years and nothing is being done about it.See this as God’s intervention. No trouble, let us change the write up oath against Abia.Christians can be invited to deliver Abia.Our altar is an holy altar which which the Indian god cannot stand to look at.


If it’s about tinubu or buhari it will be real may God help us all. Amiable indeed.

I.C Egejuru

The article was not dated, we have freedom of worship. Pls don’t distract this man whom we have seen his impacts so far. Power belongs to God and He gives it to whom he wills. Let us get off this distractions and give supportive hand to the governor God has chosen. And to the press, pls be investigative.

Silas Kalu

Let it not be an avanue for the president to bring in a governor of his choice who will sale Abia to the Islamic religion as what we are seeing in Imo state.


I guess you didn’t go through that article well. It was highly dated on the footer 26th September, 2014 and was signed…

Cyril Chidozie

Is this not a scam? If it is a real document, EFCC should confirm it, whereas it is expected of our amiable governor to refute it if it is a scam. We are all ears and eyes.


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