5 Things To Do To Get Your Article Approved On Opera News Hub On Time

This is serious but thank your star you are here right on time. I will take you through the basic and the most important things to do and your article would be approved and published right on time on opera mini news hub.

Guessed you have tried your possible best to get your article approved and published? You must have taken time writing and researching only to get a very bad response from opera on submission of your article right?

Lol, I know how it feels. I have been through that also until I got it right. Trust  me when I tell you opera mini would give you reasons for rejecting your articles and you would wonder how they got the ones on the platform approved.

I wouldn’t talk much to avoid getting you reading through so many lines of articles before getting to the solution that brought you here.

Whichever it maybe I’ll be sharing with you how you can make up to $300(N108,000) every month in this article by learning how to make money with Opera News Hub just by writing and getting your article approved and published on time.

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I wouldn’t go into that now because I know you’re probably aware of that if not, checkout the latest people that have cashed out by earning from the articles they wrote, maybe there articles can also guide you.

I’ve receive several messages from readers mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, and Mozambique asking on the possible ways to get their articles published and on time.

So I’ve decided to share this good news!
You can possibly make consistence weekly/monthly income with opera news hub without owning a website of your own.
Now follow me through these steps let’s get it right together.

Your article has been submitted and after 2-3 hours, it’s showing test online.
What does this mean?

Simply put, it means your article has not been able to gather enough impressions and clicks, and that is why it has not made it to the second review for approval and publishing.

Articles posted on the hub go through these 3 (three) stages.

Stages of getting your article published on Opera News Hub

Stages of getting your article published on Opera News Hub

  •  Pending: Once you submit your article, it immediately shows that it is ‘pending’. Pending here means your article has moved into the first review pool, and is waiting to be reviewed.
  • Test Online: Once it has been reviewed, the next message you’ll see is ‘Test online’. This means your article is being tested on the app, to see how well the users would receive it.
  • Published: Once it has gotten a good amount of engagement, it would be qualified for second review. After it must have been reviewed and found acceptable, it would be passed, and then, you’ll see ‘published’.
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NOTE, the speed at which your article is published depends on you. I can now give you trick best used to get your well written article published with ease.
Here’s how. If you have not registered as a creator on Opera Mini News Hub, before continuing, click here to register if not let’s get going.

1. Before submitting your article, make sure it is written around trending news:

This simple means that you will have to face a little challenge when you want to publish an article that’s not trending at that moment. Remember, opera mini only want to get their users engaged.

2. Make sure you use the right keywords in your headline, and content:

These keywords should be trending words for the day. But I must tell you this for free, always use the search bar to search for your post title before publishing it. This is to ensure that your post title is very unique and has not been used before. That means you have to be very constructive when writing the title of your article.

3. Make sure your cover images match your headline and content:

It’s is very common for publishers to use image at random when making or writing articles. But this is not true on opera news. You have to use mostly on your cover image popularly known as the featured image an image that best describes your article. This is because image speaks a thousand words. When your title does not relate to your image, it likely not to be approved.

4. Always use related tag to your article so is can be easily seen and categorized appropriately:

This may not be overemphasized because using tag helps your article to get more engagements even when it has been published. So use it very well as it does not have much limits.

5. Make sure your article has a lot of pictures in them:

Always try to write not less than 300 words with plenty of pictures describing your articles sequentially. By doing this your article would be published instantly.

If all these tips are followed, your articles would get published on time, and you would get good engagement.
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