4Square pastor abandoned me after paying my tithes because I had accident & lost my job

The payment of tithe has been sparking controversies for a long time now. Some people have argued that tithes should be paid in the church while others have said it is better for it to be given to charity by taking care of the poor.

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Some Christian Churches, such as those in the Methodist tradition, teach the concept of Storehouse Tithing, which emphasizes that tithes must be prioritized and given to the local church, before offerings can be made to apostolates or charities.

Donations to the Church beyond what is owed in the tithe are known as offerings.

However, a young man who has been faithful in returning his tithe has taken to Twitter to drive home his grievance and disappointment on the treatment he got from his pastor after he had an accident.

He wrote;

“Was a member of a church where my tithe was good of enough. The pastor loved me. Then I had an accident, bedridden, lost my job and everything. Slim chance I’d ever walk again. Pastor came once, prayed and never picked my calls again.

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4quare church, Ekoro road. yes I named it!!”

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Where do you think the church stand to be corrected.

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